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 James Energies - Removing Project Risk

James Energies offers full in-house engineering, Project Management, Electrical and HVAC services with state of the art facilities including undercover manufacturing fitout space. We are the leading supplier of Custom Design Transportable Switchrooms to the Mining, Power Generation and Process Industries. With over 30 years' experience, we have created an environment that was designed with a vision to create sustainable and strategic solutions to meet integral business needs and growth. That energy and enthusiasm is still apparent today to ensure that we deliver on time, every time.

Our Business

Our specialised engineered Switchrooms are made a reality through our professional and experienced staff dedicated to providing the highest standard and quality delivered to anywhere in Australia and around the world. We provide flexible solutions for your business needs and build our Switchrooms to last the distance, deliver on time and on budget. James Energies maintains mutual respect from our Clients and competitors through our operational excellence and professionalism and are committed to Quality Management with AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 registration. With our unique knowledge, experience and track record of successful and innovative Design, Construction and Delivery of Transportable Switchrooms we are well respected in our chosen field and dedicated to deliver, whilst still providing a quality, cost effective product. We recognise the critical importance of quality products to the security of our Clients and continuously strive to improve our products ands services and are committed to developing a culture of best practice through an environment of participation and ongoing development. We will construct anything that is road transportable. Put simply, James have the best Switchrooms in the World.

Our Team

We have a team of incredibly talented professionals specialising from Project Management, Quality and Safety Management to Fire Services and Document Control. Our team of expert individuals are encouraged and empowered to put their best work into practice whilst continuing to evolve as a part of a business as well as satisfying their individual appetite to be informative, reliable and knowledgeable. We have passionate innovators who challenge themselves and flourish as a team allowing us to efficiently produce cost effective, high quality buildings. All our staff understand the company's committment to quality and service, giving our Client's the confidence that we will manufacture them to a strict standard to ensure product quality and consistency. There is no secret ingredient to James Energies. We work like any other group of individuals, just better.

About James Fabrication

James Energies are responsible for the structural construction and fabrication of our Switchrooms including in house drafting. These facilities are fitted out with James Energies equipment with access and lifting systems. All personnel are fully trained, certified welders experienced in the completion of Switchroom buildings.


About James Electrical Installations

James Electrical Installations has worked as an exclusive sub-contractor to James Energies Pty Ltd since 2012 and are responsible for the extensive electrical fitout of all our transportable Switchrooms. They are located on the premises at Heathwood and our Clients can be confident that their workmanship is of the highest quality and standards and delivered in excellent condition. All personnel are fully trained, certified electricians and experienced in the completion of Switchroom buildings.

James Electrical tasks includes:

  • Installation and assembly of free issue Motor Control Centres (MCC’s), Switchboards and Control Panel Wiring
  • Earthing, cabling, cable ladders, drop boxes
  • Pre Commissioning and assisting Client with FAT testing
  • Electrical Integration Systems
  • Electrical Services and Installation
  • On-site Labour and Site Support
  • Project Management and Commissioning


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Does James Energies have the ability to provide design services?

Our qualified in-house design team have over 15 years' experience in designing Switchrooms with state of the art programs to suit all our Client's needs. We have a solid reputation for being knowledgeable and reliable delivering quality products every time, on time.


Does James Energies have in-house Electrical Engineering services?

James Energies provide quality in-house extensive electrical fit-out of Light & Power, Electrical Hardware & Distribution Boards to all our transportable buildings. All our services are completed in our undercover facility and are all registered Electrical Contractors.


Do James Energies supply buildings outside of Australia?

James Energies have exported worked with a broad client base around the Globe and have supplied buildings previously to New Caledonia, Russia, PNG, Cambodia. We have the technology to collaborate with Clients from anywhere in the world and the team to co-ordinate and project manage any major project.


Does James Energies have the ability to manufacture large scale size Switchrooms?

We specialise and are experienced in larger scale size switchrooms and have manufactured up to 28m long x 7.5m wide one piece building. Look on our Projects & Achievements tab to see the variety of buildings James Energies have delivered.


Does James Energies have the ability to store Client’s equipment onsite?

We have a secure and modern facilities with 6,000m2 dedicated undercover area to store electrical equipment and 3 warehouses for the production of our switchrooms. We also have four offices allocated for our Clients whilst testing and inspecting the Switchrooms. 


What Clients have you worked for in the past?

James Energies has worked with many Clients including Bechtel, ABB, Schneider, Emerson, Sedgman, PT Automation Solutions, Powerlink, Downer, UGL, Zinfra, AmpControl, Howden, Sandvik, Gladstone Port Corporation, Nilsen, J&P Richardson, Control Engineering Australia